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Alliance Cables is proud to be the leading manufacturers of Electric Wires, Cables in Pakistan. Alliance Cables are manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery with premium material that ensures safety and reliability for its customers.


In the last decade, we have grown to become a household name in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Pakistan consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients across all sectors. Our phenomenal success across the residential and commercial sectors is owed to our continuous commitment to innovate and lead the industry with the latest technology and reliable solutions.

All our electrical wires, cables are manufactured with 99.99% pure copper with the highest standard PVC insulation and latest automatic manufacturing machinery to meet international standard wires and cables. All our products go through full range of routine sample type tests as per national and international standards.


At Alliance Cables, you will find our commitment to excellence and passion for innovation unparalleled in the industry. We welcome you all to be part of this amazing journey and reach out for your queries and concerns regarding electrical wiring safety in Pakistan.


Alliance Cables is approved and has been used in many leading textile, cement, food and beverages, construction and other industries of Pakistan.